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Abscesses In Felines A Common Skin Problem

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Cats are intelligent and inquisitive creatures but when it comes to tiffs they give heck of a competition to other felines and headache to their owners. By headache I meant the whole process of getting wounded and leading to abscess, vet appointments and so on.
Trust me I hate it when my kitty starts yowling and hissing provoking my neighbor’s cat to indulge in a fight. It has happened many times that these two litter mates fight for some obvious reason which I haven’t found out yet. The other cat gets wounded most of the time as my kitty always has an upper hand when it comes to fights. But last summer things went seriously wrong when the fight went way longer and the other cat getting wounded at its neck.
Me and my neighbor already “in not so good terms”, so imagine the whole situation. I was seriously irritated with my cat’s behavior but my vet said it’s pretty normal for cats that have grown up alone to have such tendencies. Now I am finding ways to manage aggression in my kitty and thankfully my neighbor’s cat got treated and is back to the scene.

Basically if you have cats in your household that fights and shows aggressive behaviors then you should be informed about skin problems like abscess. This is for all those owners who get to hear loud meowing, hissing and yowling sounds when your feline is ready to engage in a tug of war.

Abscess From Cat Bites

So as you all know it is a skin condition commonly found in cats because they love to fight for pretty good reasons known to them alone. But what you don’t know is that feline’s mouth is a place where bacteria grow and live to their fullest. So what happens is when the feline bites another furry feline it gives a narrow wound and infects the other with the bacteria from its mouth.

Have you ever got a cat bite? If you have got you would know that its teeth are sharper and can go deep inside. Now that’s what happens during a fight and bacteria are sent deep inside the wound in the cat’s body. As a normal reaction the cat’s body tries to eliminate the uninvited bacteria by sending in white blood cells to the particular area. Thousand of white blood cells cloud into that area to kill these microorganisms and form an abscess.

In simple terms it is the formation of pus in a particular area especially where the bite is received.

Symptoms Of An Abscess In Cats

They are usually seen hidden under the coat and most of the times the owner might fail to notice this problem until the cat is seen having high fever. The cat may seem lethargic and looses interest in having food. Heavy swelling and pain is accompanied when an abscess occurs. If the wound have opened up a yellowish discharge will ooze out and it will have a foul smell.

The cat can get an abscess anywhere where it gets a bite. Don’t ever dare to touch the area, as the cat might attack you in return. There is no wonder if the cat does so because the area is so painful that it can cause severe irritation in felines. So beware of a cat with an abscess and stay in limits until a vet lays his hands.

Diagnosis Of An Abscess

This is a difficult task as the cat is least expected to stay calm and god knows how many teeth has pierced into its body. If the feline has high fever, stopped eating then they are sure signs that there might be an abscess problem and it can be confirmed by physical examination. You can also tell your vet if your kitty has a history of engaging in fights. If the kitty has an abscess problem then the affected area will be cleaned after sedating the cat. He will also check for other wounds and possible inflammations so that the treatment can be offered.

Treatment For An Abscess In Felines

When my neighbor’s kitty was taken to the clinic with a relatively deep wound the vet clipped the affected area and cleansed it thoroughly. But a small incision was made to open the abscess so that the pus may be drained out and antiseptic solution can be applied. Poor thing had to suffer a lot and I was so embarrassed but by god’s grace the kitty was all fine in two weeks time.

In most of the abscess cases antibiotics are prescribed to prevent further infections and the felines respond well after the initial treatments. This is a common problem that can be resolved easily with proper treatment and care. Once the wound heals off completely then the feline is all ready and set.

In rare cases latex tubes are placed in the abscess affected areas present deep inside the body. This will help to flush out the pus and flush in antiseptic solutions until the wound heals completely.

How To Prevent Abscess In Felines?

WELL THAT’S THE QUESTION I HAVE BEEN ASKING MYSELF SINCE A FEW MONTHS. The only way that I have found out is to keep the doors shut tight so that the feline doesn’t get a chance to go out and indulge in a fight. Also neutering the cats can help a lot according to the vets and majority of the pet owners. But if one has multiple cats in a single house I really wonder how to control this issue. If you have some suggestions or ideas regarding the same then leave your ideas right below in the comment section.

Conclusion: Kitty fights are inevitable so give your felines all vaccine shots timely so that transmission of disease can be prevented. Also if you are planning to bring a new companion for your feline then go real slow and introduce in a healthy manner. Cats hate change and prefer things in the order that they have been seeing so keep that in mind.

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