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A Must Know – How Of Performing CPR In Cats

Cat First Aid & CPR

Cats are curious creatures and they just hop into everything and anything. They are funny and cute but has to be given a lot of attention most of the time. So it’s better to stay on the safer side by understanding the whole CRP method before any such cases arise.

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Being a pet owner is not an easy task and I guess majority out there owning cats should know how to perform a CPR.

You never know when these mischievous villains may jump on a hustling vehicle, or simply meander around in the hot summer just to get hit by a warm stroke or even bounce from a high ground to fall flat. So in order to steer clear such situations it would be best for you to have a thorough knowledge of “how to perform a CPR” when you cat is totally out of the box.

Cats are curious creatures and they just hop into everything and anything. They are funny and cute but has to be given a lot of attention most of the time. So it’s better to stay on the safer side by understanding the whole CRP method before any such cases arise. At least you can buy some time for your cat until you rush to a vet specialist.

So envision yourself in a freezing circumstance where your feline has tumbled off from a high platform and is oblivious. So now what? Normally one would go frenzy and it’s pretty normal to lose senses at the sight of such instances because you are totally unaware of any medical procedures or first aids.

On the other hand if you have enough knowledge of what to do in such situations the whole situations would have a different consequence and may help save your kitty’s life. Well if you want to deal such situations in a cool manner then here are a few things that you should know more than anything.

Okay so the first thing you need is to check whether the cat is really unconscious and that you can understand by rubbing his body constantly, patting him or conversing with him . If he responds then everything is well and fine if not make an immediate call to the vet emergency and also asks someone to drop you to the nearest clinic.

On the way try to open you cats mouth so that you can pull his tongue out. This is a very important procedure that you need to do as a first step to check his air passage. There are chances that your cat might have swallowed something inside like small toys, objects or even food stuffs which might be blocking his air way. If you find anything then use your finger to take that out safely.

I faced a similar situation where my kitty had gulped in a small toy which my toddler dropped on the floor. But all thanks to my vet who had given me a short training on how to deal with such problems.

So once you have checked the air way the next thing you need to do is check the breathing rhythm. Hold your cats face using both hands and place both the thumps under his jaw line so that his mouth remains closed. Now check his nose whether you can feel him breathing or not, if you find that he is not breathing then you will have to provide air artificially.

Now how to provide air artificially?

Hold the face of the cat same as I mentioned above and then blow slowly into the cats nostrils without exerting force. If you exert more force while blowing it might have a negative effect on its lungs so be real slow and gentle. After blowing checking his abdomen whether it is deflating or not. Repeat the procedure for some time and at times give a gentle push at his abdomen to expel the inhaled air. If your cat resumes breathing then it’s a good sign and don’t forget to take him to the vet after he recovers.

So what if you cats heart is not beating?

First you will need to check his heart beat by feeling back of his right side. If you are sure that your cat isn’t breathing you should immediately start compressing the chest. Just cup your palm behind the elbow area where it meets the abdomen and press slowly using your fingers. Go down at least ½ inches for 120 beats per minute. You can continue doing this until your cat reaches the safe hands of a vet. But if your cat doesn’t respond even after giving CPR for around 20 minutes then there are very rare chances that it might survive.

So I will sum it up for you: CPR in a simplified form.

  • Check the air passage for any blocks
  • Provide artificial respiration in case of inability to breathe
  • Compress the chest if no heart beats

I hope that by now you would have got an idea how to go around in such situations and next time when your cat needs your attention and don’t forget to implement them.

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