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6 Ways How This Fruit Works On Your Cat’s Body – How Pumpkin Can Assist In Delivering A Healthy Feline Life

Nummy Tum Tum Pure Pumpkin For Pets

While Pumpkin is an obvious food to your cat’s diet, knowing the proportion is quite vital for keeping your feline in proper shape.

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When we were child, we always loved tapping up pumpkin for a Happy (or shall I say, spooky) Halloween or relishly gobbled up those mouth watering pumpkin pie. Now that we have grown up, the responsibilities call for a more matured nature of us but the love for pie really didn’t fade away and craves to go back in life being a child once more.

However, if you are a pet owner, do not forget the Garfield right there who equally loves pumpkin treats as well. We all know how pumpkin can benefit humans, but have we wondered how it works on your pet? Be it cat or dog, pumpkin can be beneficial for your pet when given in small doses. Read on to know how it works.

A healthy poop: Is your cat suffering from diarrhea or constipation? Pumpkin works as a healthy solution for both the above conditions and encourages a healthy poo-poo. Canned pumpkin comes in a puree form and adding two tsp of pumpkin assists in proper digestive system. This is because pumpkin is rich in fiber that can cure an upset stomach or constipation quite easily by softening the stool, says Dr. Carol McConnell, who is a chief veterinary medical officer for Nationwide pet insurance.

Good Riddance Furballs: Who knew that a teaspoon of pumpkin a day can inhibit furballs? The fiber in the pumpkin pushes the furballs from the stomach to the litter box. Usually cats love pumpkin but if you kitty is choosy, mix it with food and watch the furballs disappear.

Urinary Tract Support: Both pumpkin seeds and the fruit contain healthy oils that support the urinary health of dogs and cats. Veterinarians claim that adding pumpkin to the pet’s diet can prevent this painful health condition.

No more Vermins: Viruses or parasites in your cat’s body is certainly not a good thing. A teaspoon of pumpkin powder can be very much beneficial for your cat’s health. Be it tapeworms or any other intestinal parasites, pumpkin seeds contain an amino acid called curcurbitin that paralyses the parasites and acts as a natural de-worming agent. The best way to make the seeds edible for cat is by grinding up fresh seeds till they are of powder consistency. Now mix a teaspoon of this powder to a marble size portion of wet good thrice a day. You can store the leftover seeds in an airtight container to restore its efficiency and freshness.

Shiny Skin and Fluffy coat: Who doesn’t love roasted pumpkin seeds? We all do and the best way to enhance the happiness is by sharing. So share it with your pet. They contain powerful antioxidants and fatty acids that moisturize the pet’s skin and fur internally. Here is a quick recipe for your pet.

  • Taking a baking sheet and slightly coat it with cooking oil
  • Now roast it at 375 degress from 5-10 minutes
  • Cool and serve

Give 2-3 seeds to your pet as a part of daily treat. Yummy for the tummy as well as beneficial in a lot of ways. You can store the leftovers in an airtight container.

Wholesome Nutrition: Both pumpkin fruit and its seeds are blessed with vitamin A, beta-carotene, minerals such as iron, copper, manganese, zinc and so on. These antioxidants also has the power to combat cancerous cells in the body and are without a doubt a healthy addition to your pet’s diet.


While Pumpkin is an obvious food to your cat’s diet, knowing the proportion is quite vital for keeping your feline in proper shape. If you have any doubts, make sure to consult the Vet to know more about the daily serving amount and frequency as well. Note that a can of pumpkin contains approx. 29 tablespoons which is too much for a single or even two pet family to consume in a week.

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