Problem Pet Solution is a temporary solution for the hyperactivity shown by the cats and the violent nature it may cause. Cats are a little bundle of energy and they need to spend it out. when it is too much for them they may turn violent and tear up the things around. It may even turn up to attack the owners. Calming these energy bundles are not an easy job. They need calm talk and something to divert their minds off the destructive target. They may jump, meow, scratch, run around, chew on anything that is available and will be totally out of control by all means.
Problem Pet Solution is a homeopathic remedy to calm these hyperactive cats and make them obedient and be at their best behavior. The destructive behavior is changed and the cats show a calmer nature.

Problem Pet Solution contains

  • Scutellaria helps calm the nerves of the cats without making them drowsy. The excitability, hyperactivity, and destructive nature are calmed down. The over the top behavior shown by the cats will have a turnabout with this herb.
  • Hypericum is a common remedy used to calm the hyperactivity in kids and the same works well for the cats as well. It helps stabilize the neurotransmitters that trigger this kind of behavior. It gradually reduces the aggression level.
  • Belladonna can treat emotional conditions and is effective I oversensitive cats that get down to a fit at the slightest reason. The scratching an biting tendency of these cats will be relieved soon.
  • Cantharis can reduce the over libido that is shown by the cats at times.
  • Nux vom is helpful in calming the hyperactive cats that never stays still for a minute. The excitability and irritability of these cats will have a huge difference within no time. It can also help with stress related digestive problem in the cats.

PetAlive Problem Pet Solution

Problem Pet Solution dosage

Problem Pet Solution is in granule form that is easily dissolvable in the mouth, food, or water of the cats. It is suitable for all cats and they will have it without any fuss. The dosage is a large pinch of the granules put directly into its mouth or to the other medium. Administer it every 30 minutes for a maximum of 6 doses in the initial day. Follow it the next day with only three times a day.

There are no negative effects or drug interactions for Problem Pet Solution. Care must be taken while administering it to pregnant and nursing cats. Seek the vet’s advice before giving it. Give Problem Pet Solution regularly to have the prolonged calmness in the cats.

Problem Pet Solution can easily be used as a long term maintenance course to keep the cats calm and to make them consistent. It is non-addictive so it can be stopped using whenever preferred. One bottle of Problem Pet Solution will have 50-100 doses and will last for about a month.

Problem Pet Solution reviews

The reviews show that Problem Pet Solution is highly effective and the most common trouble due to these hyperactive cats is solved. The scratching done during night and the constant meowing, the daytime all charged up nature are all cured by this product. There is also no report of any side effects so far.

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