PetiGo is a natural remedy for any skin problems in the pets. It can help cure the blisters, eruptions and itch on the skin and also prevent any later re-occurrence of the same. It is also useful in curing the dry, scaly, and poor looking skin on the pets.

The skin of the pets is the most vulnerable to the pollution and infections. The diet pollutes their system and environmental pollution and the cleaning chemicals etc pollute the indoor air. The cats that are constantly exposed to these will have some toxins in their blood. Later these toxins in blood makes way to blisters, skin eruptions, dry skin that is scaly and itchy. It becomes difficult to keep the skin healthy.

PetiGo is made with natural ingredients which are good for the skin and does not have any side effects. It provides temporary relief from the symptoms but can have a long term protection for their skin for as long as taken. All skin infections will be cured that are around the stomach or groin areas of the pets. The pain accompanied is also relieved with PetiGo.

PetiGo ingredients

PetiGo is a blend of herbal extracts and homeopathic ingredients. The selected herbs are known to relieving the skin problems and works well on the cat’s skin.

  • Anagalis arvensis softens the skin and removes the scale formation. The itchiness and tingling is also relieved.
  • Bovista can relieve eczema, pimples, and thick crusts on the skin.
  • Graphites and Urtica urens relieve the burning and stinging sensations.
  • Dolchos pruriens and Muriaticum acidum are good for itching at night.
  • Sulphur cures the dry, itchy skin.

PetiGo dosage

PetiGo is in a comfortable spray form. This can be given directly into the mouth or mix with the water or food. Before the first use, depress the spray to make it ready and remove the air block. Administer 2 sprays 3 times a day. It is completely safe from any side effects and can be used along with any prescribed drugs.

PetiGo is fast to act and relieves the dry skin formation. It makes the skin look healthier and with regualar grooming can have better looking coat as well. Use it with the PetAlive Skin and Coat Tonic for better results.

Why use PetiGo

There are quite a few skin problems that affect the cats. They are mostly common and are caused by external triggers like infections, toxins inside, injury, hormonal changes etc. PetiGo is helpful to have temporary relief from the symptoms and do not actually cure the disease. It may need a deeper treatment to have it completely wiped off.

PetiGo can relieve abscess the painful pus collection making the skin swelled and soft to touch, ear mite infections, certain low cases of dermatitis, flea allergy skin eruptions, sunburn etc. Any opened sore, bumps ion skin, nodules etc need medical attention. If you notice nay of these take the cat to the vet and have proper medication for the cause. Use PetiGo as a supplementary support to maintain a better health and to relieve the symptoms and not as a main course treatment.