It is important to have the gum tissue integrity and these Perio plus chews can do just that. When the cats chew on these Perio plus bites, they scrub their teeth and naturally cleanse the teeth surface and get rid of plaque.

More about Perio Plus bites

Perio plus bites are special formulation designed to be simple tooth cleansing means and to be delicious to eat. The special formulation has an inner and an outer layer of nutritious and useful ingredients. When used between dental cleanings these bites will keep the feline teeth cleaned with these two layers.

Outer layer of Perio plus contains (Ingredients)

  • Coenzyme Q- a catalyst for creating energy and to support the gum tissue functions. The deficiency of this component in the cats can affect their heart and gum tissues.
  • Pumice is a natural abrasive that can polish the tooth surface.
  • Yucca shidigera extract inhibits the enzymes that break down the gum tissue.
  • Cinnamon can balance the oral bacterial population and naturally refreshes the breath.
  • Champignon mushroom extract has the ability to reduce odor causing chemicals in the intestines that can also cause bad breath in felines.
  • Spirulina and parsley has chlorophyll that deodorize and cleanses the oral cavity.
Perio Plus Feline Bites
Perio plus bites are convenient bites for the cats. These Perio plus bites are tasty and shaped as fish. These chews are meant to enhance the dental health of the felines. Dental health is to have no plaque or bad breath. These Perio plus chews can help get rid of plaque and keep the oral cavity pleasantly smelling.

Inner layer of Perio plus bites

  • Cranberry the greater source of antioxidants helps maintain the gum tissue. It reduces the built up of bad breath causing bacteria as well. Reduction in these bacteria leads to lower production of plaque and its accumulation.
  • Zinc plays a major role in reducing plaque by penetrating the plaque layer and oxidizes it. So indirectly zinc reduces bad breath by destroying the plaque later.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus and Enterococcus faecium are good bacteria that can kill the bad ones. Having these bacteria in good amount in the oral cavity, balances the bacterial population inside the mouth and to keep the breath fresh and cleaned.
  • Vegetable fats help the other ingredients to adhere to the teeth and do what they are supposed to. It can also support the gum tissue health and their functions.
  • Taurine is an amino acid that works with zinc to promote gum health and strengthen them. It helps reduce the amount of dead cells and the bad bacteria longer are able to feed on them and thrive.

Perio plus bites usage directions

Perio plus bites are to be served daily for best results. Serve 2 bites per day for cats that weigh less than 10 lbs. for cats that are over 10 lbs must be given 4 bites every day. The amount may be divided over 2-3 times. Best results are seen when given between the meals, when they need something to chew on.