With this Oratene maintenance gel, the return of these bacteria is duly prevented. It is a kind of brushless toothpaste, which can be applied directly to the teeth and gums and left as it is. There is no need to brush on or rinse off. It effectively maintains the veterinarian’s effort to keep the cat’s oral hygiene.

Benefits of Oratene maintenance gel

  • The Oratene maintenance gel contains bio-enzymes that can break down the plaque layer and also kill it the moment it is formed. It can also kill those problematic bacteria from the oral cavity of the cats.
  • This maintenance gel when kills the bacteria eliminates the bad odor as well.
  • Daily use of Oratene maintenance gel ensures long-term protection against bad breath and plaque.
  • The maintenance gel is gentle on the gums of the kitties. The Aloe vera in the formulation is soothing to the cats and can heal minor gum injuries, inflammations, and redness also.
  • The presence of Aloe vera also deals with mouth dryness which leads to anaerobic bacterial growth. The irritation on gums due to dryness is reduced by the moisturizing effect of Aloe vera.
  • Oratene maintenance gel is suitable for all cats and is not age specific.
  • The pleasant taste of this maintenance gel will be acceptable for the cats.
Oratene Veterinarian Maintenance Oral Gel
Oratene veterinarian maintenance oral gel is a post care gel application that can be used after the vet’s dental care for the cats. The dental treatment after a vet’s antiseptic gel will eliminate the plaque and plaque-causing bacteria, but they are always coming back.

Ingredients of Oratene maintenance gel

All the effects of Oratene maintenance gel are due to the presence of natural enzymes such as dextrananse, lactoferrin, glucose oxidase, lysozyme, lactoperoxidase and mutanase. These enzymes act on the odor-causing bacteria and the biofilm formed by them. Regular use of the gel will prevent the formation of plaque and the growth of these bacteria.

The other ingredients used in the maintenance gel are Aloe vera, dextrose, cellulose gum, polyglycitol, glyceryl methacrylate, sorbitol, and potassium thiocyanate.

Oratene Veterinarian Maintenance Oral Gel User Instructions

The Oratene maintenance gel is applied directly. Apply ½ inch strip on the upper and lower gums, twice every day. The best time is in the morning and at night, especially after the meals. Also, use the Oratene drinking water additive with this for better results.

The Oratene maintenance gel is available in 2.5 oz tube that is enough to last 60 days when used as recommended. A 1 oz tube of the Antiseptic gel is also available for purchase.