What is GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms?

The herbal medicine GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms will provide a neat environment that is inhospitable for parasites. This can be used cyclically without any side effects as it is perfectly safe. The effects are gentle, too. However, this should be used for non-acute situations only.

What are the ingredients of GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms?

  • Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale)
  • Clove bud (Caryophyllus aromaticus)
  • Propolis
  • Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare)
  • Oregon Grape root (Berberis aquifolium)
  • Thyme leaf (Thymus vulgaris)
  • Prickly Ash bark (Zanthoxylum americanum)
  • Pumpkin seed (Curcubita pepo)
  • Quassia wood (Picrasma excelsa)
  • Triphala blend (Terminalia chebula, Phyllanthus officinalis, Terminalia bellirica)
  • Slippery Elm bark (Ulmus fulva)
  • Pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum)

GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms

GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms is produced in FDA approved laboratories and they follow strict guidelines that are also FDA approved. Pet Wellbeing also follows GVM’s good guidance for pet dietary supplements that have a strict protocol for manufacturing the medicines. They also follow Good Manufacturing Practices for producing the medicines.

These ingredients contain important vitamins like Vitamin A & B which support the digestive system’s natural ability to get rid of parasites. Some of them support the mucous layer and makes the lining of your cat’s guts smooth. This improves absorption of nutrition. These ingredients are not toxic unlike some other types of herbal substances. They do not promote the growth of internal parasites, either. They help the body to eliminate waste through the bowels regularly. Some ingredients like pomegranate are not only nutritious, but they also help the cat’s body in digestion and also make the gut of the animal an inhospitable one to live in.

The ingredients like fennel are usually used for their flavour and aroma although their main purpose is to help digestion and help release normal gas. It helps the body to get rid of worms. Ingredients like the Oregon root improve immunity in the body and remove external harmful agents. Ingredients like Prickly Ash bark are traditionally used in North American and Chinese medicines. They bring on easy digestion and improve the body’s circulation of nutrients and removal of waste. Their main purpose is to aid the body to remain free of parasites. Natural oils in Thyme help the cat’s body to fight bacteria, viruses and parasites, thus helping the immune system. Clove buds helps in digestion, release of gas and also make it unfavourable for the ecology of a parasite’s life cycle in the gut. Ginger helps to calm the digestive system and prevent nausea. Propolis is collected from bees that reside in pine bearing trees and contains the resin from them. It keeps the body away from parasites as it helps the bees protect their hives from parasites, moles, bacteria, etc. It helps both human and animal body internally and externally.

It also containers Bromelain enzyme which is taken from pineapple stems and helps in normal digestion and to breakdown protein.

What are the inactive ingredients in the medicine? The inactive ingredients in the medicine are deionized water, natural bacon flavour and vegetable glycerine.

Why use GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms?

This medicine will help prevent the parasites that usually attack animal bodies from setting up camp in your cat’s body by making the environment in the gut inhospitable for their growth. The immunity of your cat’s body against these organisms is improved and the body becomes healthier. The internal mucous lining of the gut where parasites generally cannot live is made healthier and better in absorption of nutrients. This layer can be destroyed by antibiotics and other harsh food. The medicine also helps to regenerate liver cells so that the animal body can better resist the parasites.

Why choose GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms over other herbal medicines.

All the batches of GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms that come of the manufacturing facilities are tested so that you get only the best quality of medicines for your pets. The herbs used in manufacturing the medicines are organically cultivated and ethically harvested. This means that no endangered plants are used to produce the medicine. They are manufactured in such a way that the full biochemical spectra of the herbs are preserved for purity of the medicine.

Is it a certified medicine?

There is even a 90 day money back guarantee on the bottles so that you can return them for a full refund within 90 days of purchase in case you are not satisfied with the product (which is very unlikely).

Directions for use when using GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms:

The product has to be given daily one time for 4 weeks. After this, it has to be discontinued for 4 weeks and then resumed again for 4 weeks. This has to be done alternatively till the body is rid of parasites.

What caution should be followed when taking GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms?

A good and clean environment is necessary if you want to keep your cats away from infections. The food they eat and the water they drink must be clean. Of course, it is not possible to watch their every step but it is possible to give them the best at home and using the medicines from Pet Wellbeing will additionally support your actions for your pet’s health in the long run.

Who manufactures GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms?

The GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms is manufactured by Pet Wellbeing. This company has been manufacturing herbal medicines for your pets since the year of 2001. Their secretly is a caring team of holistic vets who use the wisdom of traditional medicinal herbs and use modern technology to extract the very best quality from them to produce medicines. These, when administered to your pets, will have a total and healthy effect on your pets and also ensuring no side effects. They have no extra ingredients than herbs active in the formula which could trouble your pets.